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  1. Pregnancy 101: How to Baby-Proof Your Home

    Pregnancy 101: How to Baby-Proof Your Home

    When you have a child-free household, keeping cleaning products safely locked away, and making sure the iron cord isn’t within reach of little fingers will be the last thing on your mind, because frankly – who cares? Well, now that your adult only lifestyle is about to change, child safety will probably be on your mind 24/7. When you’re not worrying about if they’re eating enough, sleeping enough, or wondering if that foul smell is a pooey nappy, your mind will be preoccupied with their safety. Continue reading

  2. 7 Days, 7 Dresses

    7 Days, 7 Dresses

    There’s a Soon Maternity style for every occasion! We've got your weekly pregnancy wardrobe sorted with 7 dresses suitable for each day of the week! Continue reading

  3. Irina's Style File

    Irina's Style File

    Irina Bond is a Ukranian-born blogger living in Orange Country, Califronia, with her husband, 'Mr.Bond', and daughter, Vienna. Her blog, Bond Girl Glam, was started as a way of sharing her personal lifestyle - fashion, beauty, home décor - with her online community. Irina is now expecting her second child so we asked her, one Bond Girl to another, about her pregnancy experiences, maternity style and words of advice. Continue reading

  4. What to Eat When You’re Expecting

    What to Eat When You’re Expecting

    Throughout the course of your pregnancy, there are a few things that might stress you out, however, what you’re eating doesn’t have to be one of them. While maintaining a healthy diet is essential, especially during your second or third trimester, identifying the foods that are safe and unsafe to eat is a lot easier than you may think. Continue reading

  5. How To Master Transeasonal Maternity Dressing

    How To Master Transeasonal Maternity Dressing

    We have just hit the last month of summer – that time of year when the weather starts to get unpredictable. One minute the sun is out and the next it’s cold and wet! It can be hard to know what to wear so we’ve compiled our go to pieces for mastering transeasonal dressing. Continue reading

  6. Lola's Style File

    Lola's Style File

    Lauren Garcia is an award winning blogger living in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and brand new baby girl, Vivienne! Her blog, What Lola Likes, was built to inspire women and empower them to share their true beauty & fashion. Having just had her first child, we asked Lauren to reflect on her post-pregnancy thoughts and advice. Read on below: Continue reading

  7. Soon's Story

    Soon's Story

    2017 presents a couple of milestones for Soon Maternity… with the Soon brand turning 12, and our South Yarra boutique Soon Store turning 1! In light of the birthday celebrations, we thought we’d share an insight in to the Soon story… Continue reading

  8. New Year... New Wardrobe!

    New Year... New Wardrobe!

    A new wardrobe often enhances your start to the New Year…. And the great news is, a fresh wardrobe can be as simple as reinventing the looks you’ve already worn on repeat with a few small additions or a simple style change-up. A new addition could be a cool new layering piece or statement top to freshen up your wardrobe staples, or reinvent your wardrobe by digging up a classic piece and reinventing it with different accessories.Keep reading for our 2017 on-trend guide to refreshing your wardrobe… Continue reading



    Draw Dress Dream Carmel Jenkin is a visual artist based in Melbourne, who creates beautiful artwork that celebrates the female form. Carmel also runs the blog Draw Dress Dream where she documents her incredibly cool outfit choices and shares ideas and inspirations! Now pregnant with her first child and very close to her due date, we had a chat with her about how the experience has been and all the positives she has taken from her first pregnancy. Continue reading



    How is your Christmas shopping going so far? Perhaps you've been struggling to figure out exactly what gift will really wow mum-to-be this year... don't worry, we've got your back. To help inspire you, we’ve put together a list of 12 awesome Christmas gift ideas that are guaranteed to make your Soon Mum super happy on Christmas morning! Continue reading

  11. Cameron's Style File

    Cameron's Style File

    Cameron Louise Jones is a Nashville based photographer. Cameron captures the most beautiful family portraits and lovely real life moments. She is also a mother of two and a half gorgeous little humans!Read a bit about her third preganncy below. Continue reading



    Like all of you, we’ve spent most of 2016 gushing over how impeccable Rebecca Judd’s maternity style is. Bec has been putting together flawless outfits that are now defining a new dress code for mums-to-be. Continue reading