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  1. Elly's Style File

    Elly's Style File

    Based in Houston, Elly is a stay at home mother who started her blog as a way to escape the everyday and connect with likeminded women. Her writings are so sincere and charming it is no wonder she is now such an influential blogger. Read on for a brief insight into her third pregnancy.. Continue reading



    As some of you may already know, Soon Maternity’s owner/designer, Miso, is currently pregnant with her second child and is discovering, as many women do, your second pregnancy can be completely different to your first! Continue reading

  3. Cosy. Comfy. Chic.

    Cosy. Comfy. Chic.

    Winter is really upon us here in Melbourne and you won’t see us without a multitude of layers that can be thrown on or off - depending on how high the thermostat is set! This is how we’ll be wearing Soon’s new knit styles this winter... Continue reading



    The Mama Queen Raina Elegado is a San Diego based blogger and mother of two who also works full time as a Music Production Coordinator. Talk about busy! Raina is wonderful at conveying to her fellow "Mama Queens" how important it is to find the time to value yourself. It is a timeless reminder, but one we still need to hear sometimes! While it is our responsibility to fulfill our motherhood duties it is also important to do what makes us happy and esteem ourselves like the Queens we are! Continue reading

  5. The Ultimate Pregnancy Bag Checklist

    The Ultimate Pregnancy Bag Checklist

    When you go into labour, there’s a good chance the only thing you’ll be thinking about is the pain, and ‘GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL, STAT!’ There’s also a pretty good chance that your partner, regardless of how prepared they are, will go into panic mode and barely remember how to open the front door. Continue reading

  6. Designer Favourite

    Designer Favourite

    Our owner and designer, Miso, has just come back from a business trip to Hong Kong, which was the perfect opportunity to road test our new collection! Her favourite piece you ask? The Harper Maternity Dress Continue reading



    Our winter range has started dropping in store so we had a chat to our Designer/Director, Miso, about what this collection means to her, the direction she sees for the brand as a whole, and most importantly, how she think it is relevant to the modern mother. Continue reading

  8. Pregnancy 101: How to Baby-Proof Your Home

    Pregnancy 101: How to Baby-Proof Your Home

    When you have a child-free household, keeping cleaning products safely locked away, and making sure the iron cord isn’t within reach of little fingers will be the last thing on your mind, because frankly – who cares? Well, now that your adult only lifestyle is about to change, child safety will probably be on your mind 24/7. When you’re not worrying about if they’re eating enough, sleeping enough, or wondering if that foul smell is a pooey nappy, your mind will be preoccupied with their safety. Continue reading

  9. 7 Days, 7 Dresses

    7 Days, 7 Dresses

    There’s a Soon Maternity style for every occasion! We've got your weekly pregnancy wardrobe sorted with 7 dresses suitable for each day of the week! Continue reading

  10. Irina's Style File

    Irina's Style File

    Irina Bond is a Ukranian-born blogger living in Orange Country, Califronia, with her husband, 'Mr.Bond', and daughter, Vienna. Her blog, Bond Girl Glam, was started as a way of sharing her personal lifestyle - fashion, beauty, home décor - with her online community. Irina is now expecting her second child so we asked her, one Bond Girl to another, about her pregnancy experiences, maternity style and words of advice. Continue reading

  11. What to Eat When You’re Expecting

    What to Eat When You’re Expecting

    Throughout the course of your pregnancy, there are a few things that might stress you out, however, what you’re eating doesn’t have to be one of them. While maintaining a healthy diet is essential, especially during your second or third trimester, identifying the foods that are safe and unsafe to eat is a lot easier than you may think. Continue reading

  12. How To Master Transeasonal Maternity Dressing

    How To Master Transeasonal Maternity Dressing

    We have just hit the last month of summer – that time of year when the weather starts to get unpredictable. One minute the sun is out and the next it’s cold and wet! It can be hard to know what to wear so we’ve compiled our go to pieces for mastering transeasonal dressing. Continue reading