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  1. The Maternity Dress Styles every pregnant woman needs

    The Maternity Dress Styles every pregnant woman needs

    Congratulations! You are expecting a beautiful little bundle of joy. This means many joyful changes. Thanks to stylish maternity dresses, your wardrobe can be counted among these. Read more

  2. Introducing Our Summer Maternity Denim!

    Introducing Our Summer Maternity Denim!

    Discover our new Spring/Summer maternity denim styles which are the ultimate wardrobe staple for your pregnancy! With a mix of on-trend and timeless pieces to last you all season long, our denim is known for its superior quality, comfort and fit. The collection includes maternity jeans, maternity denim shorts and maternity denim skirts! Read more

  3. Our favourite new dresses for Spring

    Our favourite new dresses for Spring

    We're finally coming in to Spring weather so we have put together all of our favourite maternity dresses from the new season to fill your pregnancy wardrobe with colour and style! Think floating silhouettes and vibrant prints that will take you from your baby shower to the Spring Races! Read more

  4. Introducing Our New Maternity Activewear Range

    Introducing Our New Maternity Activewear Range

    Introducing the new additions to our maternity activewear range. All of our activewear is designed with both pregnancy and nursing in mind so you will get optimum wear out of your pieces. We have chosen premium active fabrics that are soft enough to keep you comfortable during pregnancy with great breathability and moisture-wicking properties. Take a look through our new activewear range below. Read more

  5. Introducing Our New Maternity Work Pants

    Introducing Our New Maternity Work Pants

    Our new arrivals are a remake on our two most popular maternity work pants, the Classic Maternity Work Pant and the Shiloh Tie Waist Maternity Pant. These pants are made in a new lightweight suiting fabric that has beautiful drape and is crease-resistant so is great for the mum-to-be who spends a lot of time sitting down in the office. Read more

  6. Our Pregnancy A-Z

    Our Pregnancy A-Z

    A is for APPS There are so many useful and interesting pregnancy apps to download these days. Whether it’s tracking the growth of your baby by fruit sizes or using a timer app to time those contractions, there is most definitely an app for everyone! B is for BUMP At first it might seem like your bump is taking forever to pop out and then one day you will wake up and BAM- there is it! Read more

  7. Hospital Bag Checklist

    Hospital Bag Checklist

    So the time has finally arrived for you to pack your hospital bag! After speaking with experienced mums, midwives and doing some serious research, these are the top things that we believe you must not go without for you and your baby! Read more

  8. What to wear for your Mother’s Day weekend

    What to wear for your Mother’s Day weekend

    Mother’s Day outfits for our mums-to-be: Before bub arrives, you and your partner should make the most of every opportunity for romantic dates because they become a lot harder once the new addition to the family arrives! For this reason, your first Mother’s Day (yes, we start counting while bub is still in your tummy!) is the perfect date-night opportunity. For date-night we like to go for maternity dresses that are glamorous and hug the bump in all the right places. Depending on how formal the location, we would go for the Casima Long Sleeve Maternity Dress in Green Foil, the Suri Long Sleeve Maternity Dress in Navy Crepe Print, or our Claire Off-Shoulder Dress in Black Foil. Read more

  9. 7 Fun Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do At Least Once!

    7 Fun Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do At Least Once!

    Before you start to wonder, no - this won’t be another list of things that pregnant ladies should do, like health check ups, researching health insurance, creating a birth plan and so forth! We know that amongst the beauty of it all, pregnancy can be quite a stressful time for our mamas. You’re given a handful of advice on what not to do - and a generous helping on what you should be doing to make sure your baby arrives healthily. However, somewhere along the lines - these articles start to forget about you, the mother-to-be! This list will be of things that all of you, our baby mamas, should treat yourself to before the arrival date! Read more



    Pregnancy is only nine months so many people want to be conservative with their purchases, but this can be a little tricky when your pregnancy spans across one of the mid-seasons. At the moment in the Southern Hemisphere we have our #SoonMums buying for the cold weather but planning for the warm weather and vice-versa for the Northern Hemisphere. For this reason, we always make sure to include transeasonal pieces in our collection that you will be able to buy in one season and wear into the next. See some great examples below for styles that work perfectly for inter-seasonal dressing: Read more



    Finding out the gender of your baby is not as simple as being asked and answered. These days, there’s a greater preference for documenting this as a significant moment in your life where the answer is announced or revealed. Whether or not you want to know the gender of your child before they bless the world with their presence is completely up to you. However, that being said - there’s a lot of fun in having your baby’s gender revealed to you and your loved ones before the big day. From sweet and simple, to a little bit over the top - find out some of our favourite Gender Reveal Ideas. Read more



    Styling your bump for day to day life can be difficult enough, but when you get to workwear territory it can be easy to feel even more overwhelmed. Whether you work in a very corporate environment or just need something smart and stylish, we have many comfortable, work-friendly options. We have a variety of working mums-to-be come into the South Yarra boutique, ranging from expectant mothers who work in law firms and need something to fit in with their usual tailored look, to teachers who want something modest and easy to move around the classroom in, to doctors who just need a really comfortable pair of trousers that still look clean and professional. Read more

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