1. Claire's Style File

    Claire's Style File

    We chat to beautiful mum-to-be Claire about pregnancy, style and body positivity! Continue reading

  2. How to Master Trans-seasonal Dressing

    How to Master Trans-seasonal Dressing

    Unsure how to tackle the transeasonal weather that comes with Autumn? We've put together a quick guide on how to get the more out of your Summer wardrobe this season. Hint, the key is layering! Continue reading

  3. Pregnancy Tips: Exercising While Pregnant

    Pregnancy Tips: Exercising While Pregnant

    If you’ve ever thought about whether it’s safe to exercise while you’re pregnant, you’re not alone. We, for one, can say that exercise brings a lot of amazing benefits to you and your baby, pregnancy and post-pregnancy. Continue reading

  4. Valentines Day Style Tips

    Valentines Day Style Tips

    Wondering what to wear this Valentines Day? From styling tips to outfits for every event and even where to go for lunch our V-Day style tips are an essential read. Continue reading

  5. Angela's Style File

    Angela's Style File

    Angela is a Canadian real estate agent and style guru and ever since she announced her pregnancy we've been admiring her maternity fashion and chic sense of style! Continue reading

  6. Pregnancy in the Summer: How to Keep Comfortable

    Pregnancy in the Summer: How to Keep Comfortable

    For a lot of expectant mamas, the Australian Summer is quite an uncomfortable time, given that your normal core temperature is higher than usual. But it’s not all bad, ladies! There are some ways that you can brave the summer heat and have a fun time doing so. So how can you keep comfortable in the summer while pregnant? Continue reading

  7. BACK TO WORK...


    Start the New Year in style with our new corporate essentials! 2018 has kicked off and we are already getting a lot of Soon Mums popping in to get some fresh workwear now they are back in the office. Perfect timing, we have just received some new styles that are ideal for your corporate wardrobe during pregnancy!  Continue reading

  8. Mirella Style File

    Mirella Style File

    Mirella is an Ibiza based fitness and lifestyle coach and fitness model and we can't help but be in awe of how she's kept fit all through her pregnancy! Continue reading



    It's almost Christmas time, which usually means that you'll be going to a lot of parties with a lot of food. And this year might be a little harder than most if your baby isn't in your arms just yet! In this article we'll be talking to you about what foods you should avoid when you're pregnant. Continue reading



    Expecting is no excuse for not making an entrance! Whether it be the perfect Christmas Day dress or that New Years Eve number to give you extra pizazz, we have you covered! Continue reading

  11. Benefits of Pregnancy Massages

    Benefits of Pregnancy Massages

    We believe that all mums deserve a special treatment and massage given how hard they work every second of the day to produce a new life! But did you know that there's so much more to pregnancy massages than simply feeling good and helping you to relax? Read on to find out what other benefits a pregnancy massage has! Continue reading

  12. Renee Style File

    Renee Style File

    Renee is an Australian fashion blogger and the mum to be is dressing her bump in style and we cannot get enough of it! Continue reading

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