1. 7 Fun Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do At Least Once!

    7 Fun Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do At Least Once!

    Before you start to wonder, no - this won’t be another list of things that pregnant ladies should do, like health check ups, researching health insurance, creating a birth plan and so forth! We know that amongst the beauty of it all, pregnancy can be quite a stressful time for our mamas. You’re given a handful of advice on what not to do - and a generous helping on what you should be doing to make sure your baby arrives healthily. However, somewhere along the lines - these articles start to forget about you, the mother-to-be! This list will be of things that all of you, our baby mamas, should treat yourself to before the arrival date! Read more



    Pregnancy is only nine months so many people want to be conservative with their purchases, but this can be a little tricky when your pregnancy spans across one of the mid-seasons. At the moment in the Southern Hemisphere we have our #SoonMums buying for the cold weather but planning for the warm weather and vice-versa for the Northern Hemisphere. For this reason, we always make sure to include transeasonal pieces in our collection that you will be able to buy in one season and wear into the next. See some great examples below for styles that work perfectly for inter-seasonal dressing: Read more

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    This is an example page. It's different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most people start with an About page that introduces them to potential site visitors. It might say something like this: Hi there! I'm a bike messenger by day, aspiring actor by...



    Finding out the gender of your baby is not as simple as being asked and answered. These days, there’s a greater preference for documenting this as a significant moment in your life where the answer is announced or revealed. Whether or not you want to know the gender of your child before they bless the world with their presence is completely up to you. However, that being said - there’s a lot of fun in having your baby’s gender revealed to you and your loved ones before the big day. From sweet and simple, to a little bit over the top - find out some of our favourite Gender Reveal Ideas. Read more



    Styling your bump for day to day life can be difficult enough, but when you get to workwear territory it can be easy to feel even more overwhelmed. Whether you work in a very corporate environment or just need something smart and stylish, we have many comfortable, work-friendly options. We have a variety of working mums-to-be come into the South Yarra boutique, ranging from expectant mothers who work in law firms and need something to fit in with their usual tailored look, to teachers who want something modest and easy to move around the classroom in, to doctors who just need a really comfortable pair of trousers that still look clean and professional. Read more



    There’s nothing that quite measures up to the excitement that you’ll feel for a friend when they first announce that they’re having a baby. I mean, you get to shop for all these extremely cute & tiny things, minus the stress of having to prepare everything for the arrival of the baby. However, having said that, it’s likely that you’d want to get something that’s helpful to the parents! Read more



    We have so many customers come into our South Yarra boutique wanting a pair of classic black jeans for everyday wear during pregnancy. The question we are always asked is which style of maternity jeans are best for them, overbelly or underbelly. Both styles have their benefits and the decision between the two comes down to a few key factors; your body type, how you are carrying (which can change pregnancy to pregnancy!) and what your jeans fit preference was pre-pregnancy. Read more

  8. How to set up the ideal sleep environment for your baby

    How to set up the ideal sleep environment for your baby

    One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is setting up the baby’s nursery. It’s such a wonderful time and you’re filled with excited anticipation. And while we are spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping, it can be overwhelming to know what you really need. Before spending hundreds of dollars on unnecessary baby products, let me explain how to set up baby’s ideal sleeping environment. I can give you a clear understanding of what babies really need their environment to be like based on research and evidence. Once you have a good understanding of what babies need, it makes the decision about what you want to buy a whole lot easier. Read more

  9. 7 Tips for Winterproofing Your Baby

    7 Tips for Winterproofing Your Baby

    Winter is coming, which means that for a lot of those who have or are expecting a baby during the winter time that you should have some things prepared for the wellbeing of your baby and family. And as winters continue to get colder and colder in Australia, there comes the challenge of keeping your family safe and warm. Newborns are especially a challenge, as they have trouble regulating their own body temperature, so they need mum & dad to help them out. This can be quite challenging, as it’s quite a delicate balance between making sure your precious baby isn’t overheating or shivering from the cold. Read more

  10. As Worn By Mish Mac

    As Worn By Mish Mac

    Michelle Alan, one of our favourite “Insta Famous” Australian models, is currently pregnant with her second child. As someone who is known for her impeccable style it was important for Michelle to wear something that fits in with her personal aesthetic and doesn’t look too obviously maternity so that she can still get plenty of wear out of it post-birth. See her favourite picks of the season below: Read more

  11. Most Popular Baby Names in 2018

    Most Popular Baby Names in 2018

    While there’s a lot of different stress that you’ll encounter when you’re pregnant with your baby (especially your first!) - there’s one that’s harmless, but just as stressful nonetheless. And this would be the choosing of your precious baby’s name! Read more

  12. Mother's Day Gifts for Mum-To-Be

    Mother's Day Gifts for Mum-To-Be

    The motherhood experience starts with pregnancy so do not forget that expectant mothers deserve to be celebrated and pampered on Mother’s Day too. A mum will never forget these nine months so we’ve put together a list of gift ideas to help make this first Mother’s Day a very special one! In our opinion, the best gifts for pregnant women are items that will make her life easier or the pregnancy experience a little more comfortable. Here are our suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant women: Read more

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