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As some of you may already know, Soon Maternity’s owner/designer, Miso, is currently pregnant with her second child and is discovering, as many women do, your second pregnancy can be completely different to your first!

So, as Miso is reflecting on her own experiences and learning new and exciting things about her two pregnancies, we thought we would delve a little deeper into how your second pregnancy can differ from you first!

Your Baby Bump Will Grow A Lot Faster
During your first pregnancy, there’s a good chance you were more than halfway through before people started offering you a seat on the train. Back then, your stomach muscles were probably tighter and your bump took a lot longer to grow.

When your second pregnancy rolls around, your tummy will be more prepared and rearing to go! This is why a lot of women have noticed that their baby bumps grow a lot faster the second time around.

Time Will Fly By
One minute you’ll be peeing on a stick, the next minute you’ll be pushing for dear life to get your baby out of your belly and into your arms.

It’s quite common for women to feel like their second pregnancy is a lot shorter than their first. This is usually because they experience things at a quicker rate. Not only will your belly bulge faster, you’ll also start feeling kicks a lot earlier, and overall, you’ll feel more prepared because you have a better idea of what to expect.

Your Food Cravings May Surprise You
While some women will simply crave more meat, fatty foods or something sweet when they’re pregnant, some cravings can be just plain wacky! During your first pregnancy, you might have craved jellybeans, or something a little different, like pickles wrapped in cheese.

While these cravings don’t always make sense, some experts believe your body craves certain foods when it’s lacking something. For instance, a lot of women crave red meat when they’re on their period because they’re running low on iron. The same goes for pregnancy.

So, during your second pregnancy, while you’re body is behaving differently than it did the first time around, your pregnancy cravings will probably change to.

Sadly, most pregnancy cravings don’t involve healthy foods, so just make sure you keep your cravings in check.

You’ll be Able to Include Your First Child in the Experience
Miso often takes her little one to her ultrasound appointments, and he gets terribly excited!

From the pregnancy announcement, to your pregnancy photo shoot, chances are, your first child will have a blast getting in on the fun! Trying to include your child in the pregnancy will also help ease the jealousy that’s common in firstborns when your second baby comes along and your attention is now divided between your two kids.

Regardless of how your second pregnancy differs to your first, make sure you have just as much fun with your maternity wear, baby shopping and nursery decorating. Your second pregnancy will be a completely unique experience, but it will be just as beautiful and magical as your first!

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