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  1. The Rise In Popularity For Prenatal Pilates During Pregnancy.

    The Rise In Popularity For Prenatal Pilates During Pregnancy.

    Staying active during your pregnancy is an important part of keeping yourself and your baby healthy and the perfect excuse for some new maternity activewear. Whether you're just getting into exercise or, movement has been something you've always loved, pregnancy shouldn't get in the way or be an excuse. There are so many benefits of working out whilst pregnant, and...

  2. How To Find The Best Pair Of Comfy Maternity Jeans

    How To Find The Best Pair Of Comfy Maternity Jeans

    Jeans are a wardrobe staple, they go with almost everything and are super flattering. When I'm in a rush or stuck for something to wear I always gravitate to my favourite pair of high waisted straight leg jeans and a white shirt, it's so easy. During pregnancy, jeans become a little bit more complicated, my usual high waisted jeans get...

  3. Ways To Style Maternity Wear In The Office

    Ways To Style Maternity Wear In The Office

    Congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to the next nine months of constant wardrobe changes, wardrobe meltdowns and baggy shirts. But don't worry Soon maternity has got your back, we believe that pregnancy doesn't need to mean you can't still get excited to dress for work every day.  Classic black pants  When buying maternity workwear, it's good to buy some...

  4. Our picks for the new season!

    Our picks for the new season!

    The new Spring / Summer collection is here and you are going to love it! Soft and breathable linen, beautiful florals, comfortable stretch jersey basics and of course our premium maternity denim. Whether you need an outfit for a special occasion, Sunday lunch or are looking for some summer maternity clothes that are stylish and comfortable- we have got your perfect fit! Read more

  5. 10 Superfoods to Eat When You're Expecting

    10 Superfoods to Eat When You're Expecting

    A healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy diet. The food you eat when you're pregnant can significantly impact both your health and that of your baby. Eating a healthy diet during pregnancy means you have a much lower chance of having complications during your pregnancy and labour, as well as the best possible start for your baby in life. Here's our list of ten Superfoods to Eat During Pregnancy: Read more

  6. Top 5 Australian Destinations for a Babymoon

    Top 5 Australian Destinations for a Babymoon

    Babymoon's are our favourites for two reasons: first, we firmly believe that everyone should make time for some enjoyable and relaxing travel, and pregnancy is no exception. Second, after your baby arrives, life will somewhat become chaotic with sleepless nights and nappy changes for at least the next few months. So, this is your time out to celebrate your relationship before becoming mum and dad. Read more

  7. Celebrity Maternity Styles We Love!

    Celebrity Maternity Styles We Love!

    Pregnancy doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your personal style and we have chosen some of our favourite celebrity looks that make bump fashion cool and classic.Whether you’re looking for an on-trend way to style your maternity jeans, upgrade your maternity workwear wardrobe or put together a stylish look with a maternity dress, be inspired by our picks and shop their style!   Read more

  8. Premium Maternity Denim

    Premium Maternity Denim

    Usually, the first piece of clothing that becomes part of a mum-to-be's maternity wardrobe is a staple pair of jeans or two. Our jeans are all cut from premium denim and are available in a range of different styles and washes. We have gone into detail about our different signature fits to assist you in finding your perfect fit! Read more



    It’s that time of year and we have the perfect maternity dresses & breastfeeding clothes to suit all occasions throughout the festive season! Whether you’re pregnant or nursing our dresses are comfortable, stylish and versatile. From fitted silhouettes, to feminine floaty styles- find your prefect fit! Read more

  10. Tips for bathing your baby

    Tips for bathing your baby

    Bathing is a special bonding time between parents and their newborn, however it can also be a task that seems quite daunting. Once you have had time to build that confidence, and read through our tips, you’ll be bathing that little one like a star! Bathing is also a beautiful way for partners to be involved in their baby’s care, especially for partners whose baby is being breastfed. It’s an activity which is much more than getting that little one clean, as it helps your baby to feel safe, secure and most importantly- loved! Read more

  11. Exercise during pregnancy

    Exercise during pregnancy

    How to exercise during pregnancy YES- it is absolutely safe to exercise during pregnancy! There are many benefits of exercising for both you and your baby. Gone are the days when exercising during pregnancy was associated with risks, but now, we have come a long way in our understanding of what exercise is safe (and what's not) during pregnancy. Following a fitness routine or a physical activity routine during pregnancy is not only safe; it's encouraged. Read more

  12. Essential maternity fashion with Alana from @tribeofwuwu

    Essential maternity fashion with Alana from @tribeofwuwu

    One of our favourite bloggers and now mum of two, Alana from @tribeofwuwu shares with us her must-have Maternity Overalls that made her feel fabulous, stylish and most of all comfortable during her second pregnancy. Read her blog below and shop her favourite looks! Read more

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